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About a contract

What do I need to provide when making an application?

It depends on your contract weather if you are personal or corporation. Feel free to contact us.

Basically, you need seal (signature), income certificate, and ID.

If you are contracting with your corporation, you need seal, Corporation Transcript, and the official information of your corporation.

(For further information, please refer to the part “Flow of Contract”.)

What is included in the rent-fee?

The rent-fee includes Utilities (water, electricity, and gas), NHK viewing fee, Internet connection, and the cleaning fee after you have left a room.

For other services and the fees, please check at the page “Services & Facilities”.

Do I need to put down a deposit?

Security deposit is required for above one month contract (100,000 yen〜).


We will keep it until the end of your contract.

After we check the room and if there were no problem (ex. Any damaged), the deposit will be refunded through your bank account.

*Please be responsible for cash transfer-fee for foreign bank accounts.

Do I need to pay to restore original state?
Restoration-fee is included in the rent-fee so you don’t need it in general. (There would be an exception; ex. Knowing corruption of something or somewhere in the room or discoloration/stains.)

Is Cancellation fee charged?
No cancellation fee is charged before the contract.

Can I use a Credit card?
Yes. VISA, Master, DC, American Express, JCB, Diners, and 銀聯( China Union Pay) will be acceptable.

Do I pay tax?

The rent-fee is non-taxable. Also there is no lodge-tax since here is not a hotel.

However, if you use the other optional services, those fees will get taxed.

Is it possible to extend Contract / Re-contract?
It is possible in basic. However, there is a probability that your room may already be reserved after your stay, so please let us know 2 weeks before your contract terminate, and you can re-contract.

How do I get the Room Key?
We will hand it to you on the day you are moving in.

What time the check-in and check-out limit will be?
It depends on the property. Please contact us.


About equipment

Does room have a phone? If there is one, how do I pay for the fee?
There is an IP phone in the room. However it depends on the property, please check at the page “Services & Facilities”. In addition, you may get land line phone by direct contract between you and the phone company.

Do you have parking spaces?

Yes, we do. Please contact us.

*It will need to make a contract by it self. Also, it might be different bank account to pay for the rent from room rent.

What kind of furniture, electronic appliances and household utensils are provided in the room?

A variety of furnishings and appliances are provided for your comfortable stay.

For more information, please check at the page “Services & Facilities”.

Does room have a kitchen or a washer?
Each room has them.

Can I use Internet access?

There is ready for a high speed internet connection(Wi-Fi 100Mbps) . It will be free of charge.

*Please ready your computer.


What kind of facilities does the property have?
Please check at the each property page “Property & Facilities”.

Is there anything I can rent, and how much it will be?
There are Extra bed, humidifier, and bicycle. It depends on property, please check at the page “Services & Facilities”.

Do you rent out a baby crib?
If you request ahead of time, we introduce to you a rental company.


About service

Do you have a cleaning service?
We provide house cleaning service with a linen changing and bed making once a week.
*It depends on the property then might be charged. Please check at the page “Services & Facilities”.

Is the day of the house cleaning fixed?
We fixed the day of house cleaning. Please contact with us for further question.

What kind of concierge services do you provide?

・Handling door to door delivery and mail

Dry cleaning
  • Support for Visitors and Messages

  • Taxi arrangement

  • Limousine bus arrangement

  • Location information

*There is no concierge service at Duplex Ginza Tower 7/10.

What can I do when the water use area has trouble?

Please contact with front concierge service during the operating hours.

If it is out of operating hours , please contact with Emergency number which each property has. (*Japanese Only)

What is the front concierge operating hours?

It depends on property, please check at the page “Services & Facilities”.

Do you have foreign news or drama channels on TV?

We provide SKY Perfect TV.

It might be charged, please contact with us.



Are pets allowed?
We are not allowed pets. If we found pets existence, we would ask cancellation of the contract and if there is any damage, we would ask compensation for damage.

If multi-people use one room, will it be different price of the rent from single person's usage.
Even 2 or 3 person’s usage, price will be same as single person’s usage.

Do you have number restriction?

1 Bed room type is up to 3 persons.

For other room types, please contact with us.
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